2 Simple Ways To Brighten And Open Up The Space In Your Small Kitchen

If your home has a small, dark kitchen, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to quickly brighten up the area to make it appear larger. If so, use one or both of the following ways to brighten and open up the space in your small kitchen.

Paint the Walls and Cabinets the Same Color

One thing you can do to increase the appearance of your kitchen's size is to paint the walls and cabinets the same color. If your cabinets are finished with a dark wood and your walls are light blue, the darker hues will absorb any light in your kitchen, making it look even smaller than it already is.

However, when the walls and cabinets are painted the same color, the eye is not stopped by the darker tones. Instead, the kitchen's perimeter flows easily, making it appear larger.

When selecting your color, use one that will reflect light and add a cheery atmosphere to your kitchen. While a bright white is always a good choice, you may want to consider using paint with a hint of yellow to complement any sunlight streaming through the window.

Open Up The Doors on Little-Used Cabinets

Another way to increase the size of your kitchen is to remove the doors on any cabinets you rarely use. By removing the doors, the depth and extra space can contribute to the illusion that you have more space in your kitchen.

If you do not want to leave the shelves empty and naked, you could display brightly colored dishes or cups on them to add a splash of color. Or, you could use the shelves to store your glassware. The glass will reflect any light that hits them, creating a sparkling bright touch.

However, if you do not want to completely remove the doors because you do not want to leave the space open to dust and dirt, there is another option. You may want to replace the door facings with glass. You will still be able to see the space inside, but the glass will protect the dishes or glassware you have on display.

By using the above tips, you can add space and dimension to your small kitchen to give it the illusion of being bigger in size. If you would like more tips or are wanting to make more drastic changes, contact an interior designer, like WATERHOUSE DESIGNS, to have them take a look at your kitchen and give you personalized design advice on turning your small kitchen into something more.